As a lifelong resident of the Greater Hilltop Community, I take real estate sales in those neighborhoods that comprise this expansive community VERY PERSONALLY. Highland West (North and South), Camp Chase, Wilshire and Westgate... I grew up in these streets, went to these schools and raised my family here. I LOVE creating new owner-occupants in the communities and I pride myself on working with QUALITY investors that take their role as responsible landlords very seriously.

The number of vacant homes, especially in Highland West where there is SO MUCH potential, is a source of disappointment for me. The homes there can be compared to the homes in the Clintonville community without much effort, but the cost to purchase and the taxes are both MUCH lower.

Do YOU own an empty home in the communities of Hilltop USA? As it sits empty, vulnerable to vandals, squatters, illegal activities, it is also costing you money each month in the form of property tax and (I hope!) insurance premiums AND IT IS HURTING A WONDERFUL COMMUNITY. You won’t get wealthy, neither will I, but you might want to consider selling the home(s). The only way this community can return to it’s former, neighborly ways is by creating new home owners and making sure the good guys leave no room for the bad guys. Let’s work together to do something that creates MOMENTUM! 

If you want to have a realistic talk about selling your Hilltop home, call me!

PS – What I write here about my beloved westside applies to all challenged communities and I work as a Realtor in ALL of CENTRAL OHIO, so yes, I will be happy to meet with you to discuss your property, wherever it is!